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The role of triode -- Xinbangwei

2021-07-27 18:37:30  

Xinbang micro semiconductor is a professional triode manufacturers, there are 10000 square meters of factory in Jiangsu, the leader of the company in the triode industry has 18 years of work experience, the structure and use of triode has a very rich experience, today xinbang micro semiconductor xiaobi will briefly describe the structure and role of three tubes


        Making two Pn junctions on a semiconductor is the structure of triode. Two Pn junctions divide the positive semiconductor into three regions, with the base region in the middle and the generating region and collecting region on both sides. The PN junction between the base region and the transmitting region is called the generation junction, and the PN junction of the collector is between the base region and the collector region. The base area is thin, while the emission area is thick and the impurity concentration is high. The holes "emitted" in the emission area of PNP triode move in the same direction as the current direction, so the emitter arrow is inward. Free electrons are generally emitted from the emission region of NPN type triode, and the direction of movement is opposite to the direction of current, so the emitter arrow moves outward. The direction of the emitter arrow is also the direction of PN binding under the forward voltage. Therefore, it can also be divided into PNP and NPN two types of silicon transistor and germanium transistor.



The function of the triode is very large, the most basic function is amplification, it can transform part of the signal into electromagnetic wave of a certain intensity, of course, this transformation still follows the conservation of energy, it only converts the energy of the power source into the energy of the signal.

One of the important parameters of triode is the current amplification factor B. By applying a small current to the base of a triode, a collector current b times the injection current can generally be obtained. The collector current changes with the change of the base current, the small change of the base current will lead to a large change of the collector current, that is, triode amplification. Triode not only amplifies, the switch control function, but also can cooperate with other components to form an oscillator.





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