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What packages are available for Schottky diodes? What are the advantages?

2021-07-26 17:26:50  

Schottky diodes have been on the market for decades, but new technologies and products continue to enhance their characteristics and expand their application possibilities. In addition to solar panels and cars, they are now used in battery chargers for laptops, smartphones and tablets. But what is its package compared to other diodes? What are the advantages?


SBD is divided into surface mount (patch) and lead two package forms. Schottky diodes are used for lead packaging and are commonly used for high frequency high current protection continuers and rectifiers. It is available in two package forms: single and double. The schottky pair tube has the common negative (two tube negative connection), the common positive (two tube positive connection) and series (one tube positive connected to another tube negative). Surface packaged Schottky diodes include three, double, single and other packaging forms, there are a to 19 pin modes.


The advantages include two aspects:

1)Because schottky's height is lower than the junction barrier height, its forward and forward pressure drop is less than the PN junction diode (about 0.2V).

2)In general, SBD is a mostly carrier conducting device, with no minority carrier reverse recovery and lifetime problems at all. The reverse recovery time of Schottky diode is only the charge and discharge time of schottky diode capacitor, which is completely different from the reverse recovery time of PN junction diode. SBD is especially suitable for high frequency applications due to its low reverse recovery charge, fast switching speed and small switching loss.


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