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Major breakthroughs were made in THE research and development of DRAM memory chips

2021-06-02 16:33:33  

New state micro semiconductor defying strong competition, was launched in the second half of 2009-2 gb DDR2 - DRAM chip research and development, after a long hard design and development of successful flow in June, recently, the first batch of particle testing samples have been sent to customers, various technical indicators are good, especially in power and performance, compared with the international advanced manufacturers do not weak. This product not only fills the gap in the field of large-capacity DRAM products in Korea, but also breaks the monopoly of foreign companies. The products will be widely used in servers, laptops and a variety of large capacity consumer electronic products.

Engineering modules based on DRAM chips have also been sent to the State Key Laboratory of High Performance Server and Storage Technology for application testing and certification. The whole product research and development work is marching smoothly into the next stage, entering the later stage of mass production preparation.

 In order to strengthen the cooperation with domestic CPU, Xinbang Micro actively cooperate with loongson, Zhongzhi and other leading enterprises to carry out the collaborative design and research and development of domestic CPU and domestic DRAM, and jointly commit to the promotion and application of China's independent computer. At the same time, New State micro is actively accelerating the construction of technical support and product sales system

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