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How to select TVS diode?

2020-09-10 15:26:35  

TVS diode selection is one of the most frequently consulted questions. If you still don't understand, let the electronic engineers of Jiangsu Youfeng Electronics answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

1) The maximum DC value, rated standard voltage value and "high-end" capacity limit of the circuit to be protected shall be clearly confirmed;

2)The rated reverse turn-off voltage of TVS tube should be greater than or equal to the maximum working voltage of the protected circuit, remember, remember, remember;

3)The maximum clamp voltage of TVS tube is less than the damage voltage of the protected circuit;

4)The maximum peak pulse power of TVS tube must be greater than that of the protected circuit;

5)After determining the maximum clamp voltage of TVS tube, the peak pulse current should be greater than the transient surge current;

6)Unidirectional TVS is used for dc protection circuit, bi-directional TVS is used for AC protection circuit, TVS array is used for multi-channel protection circuit, and special protection module is used for high-power protection circuit.

7)To consider the influence of temperature change on the characteristics of TVS tube, TVS tube works between -55°C and 150°C;

8)In the process of using TVS tube, the number of series/union should be reduced as far as possible considering the discreteness of TVS.


The above is the related sharing of TVS diode selection by Xinbangwei. More details are welcome to consult.




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